Mango Salute Fine Art Cards

The only way to send a custom card they'll frame - not recycle

Local artists design it. You write it (using our message bank, if you’d like). We print and ship it. Your friend loves it.

Customise and Send

Your Fine Art Card in Three Simple Steps

Rediscover the art of greeting, in an authentic stylish manner.

1. Select Your Art

2. Personalize Your Card

3. Optional: Add Video

Our cards are not your average card, they are bold mini prints which have a big impact!

Art has been a means of storytelling since the first cave man drew in the dirt. Our primal brains quickly learnt to process line and colour and transform them into an emotional response. Our intense quality printing and partnerships with independent artist ensure that you can find a card that creates the emotional bond like no other way of connecting!

Get to Know Your Artist

There's a personal story behind every piece - not a big brand with corporate goals. Come meet our inspired community of painters, illustrators, designers and photographers from more
than 30 countries.

Mango Salute Delivers Your Message Beautifully

Make a Real Connection

In a world of digital noise and clutter, your most important relationships deserves more than an instant message. Send them a card that doubles as a keepsake.

Always Be Authentic

Each card voices your genuine opinions, feelings and aspirations, in a stylish manner!

Good for People & the Planet

Mango Salute prints on quality FSC paper from sustainable sources. And we dedicate more than 10% of profit to sustainable social initiatives.

Make Them Feel So Special,

They'll Frame The Evidence

See why fans & brands are falling in love with Mango Salute

Mom Knows it All - Valerie, USA

A Mango Salute Fine Art Card is a great way to deliver a personal message that people will not only remember receiving but also want to keep as a memento or personal treasure. If you want to make an impression Mango Salute is a great place to start.

Stacey - Devon, UK

I have to say that I adore the idea behind this. People are more likely to hold on to a card that's been chosen for its design. They'd make gorgeous framed images and can stand as a testament of your loved one's message for years to come.

Katie - Bolton, UK

I know that greetings cards aren't designed to be framed, but these were just too pretty to hide away.

I'm using these to send hot tubs recommendations for my business!

Rekindle Your Love Affair With Paper

The durability of paper allows us to explore the past in a way we can never experience on a computer - we all know stories of people who have found letters written by or to an ancestor. Don't risk losing such amazing journeys down memory lane.