Salute the Day is a magazine designed to encourage the art of greeting and communication. The Art of Greeting involves conversation and to have meaningful conversation we have to have topics to talk about.  To have meaningful conversations we need to know about ourselves and ‘the other’ – it is difficult to treat people with dignity and respect when we really don’t know where they are coming from. Greeting is a first step in conversation, and greetings can be an important means of building relationships between family members, between friends and would-be friends, between colleagues and would-be colleagues, and people who may one day become part of our world.

The objective of Salute the Day is to provide food for thought more literally than people often think of the phrase. I am hoping that every article we publish will give you pause and suggest a topic for conversation at the dinner table. I am hoping that our stories will add depth or meaning or pathos or new understanding to your day. AND – I want you to engage with those stories, at home but also on the internet. Add a comment, send the story to a friend, challenge the author as well as yourself.

We will carry stories from writers from around the globe touching on matters personal and interpersonal, cultural and intercultural, faith and interfaith, art, greeting and social justice. At present we have writers from 14 countries and I hope that over time more writers will contribute and share their celebrations, their profound moments and their way of seeing the world.

If you would like to become a contributor or have any thoughts to share about Salute the Day, please feel free to contact me at

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Melinda Jones

Director of Writing

Mango Salute