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Physical In an age of instantaneous messaging we triply value physical, tangible items of beauty that, as they say, are a joy forever. We will send your beautiful greeting card in high quality print to letterboxes around the world.
Digital We do live in a digital age, and technology can work for us in our relationships. You can record or upload a video to every Mango Salute Greeting Card. Simply scan the QR code on the back of the card to view your video on a tablet, smart phone or computer.
Personal No one thinks like you, no one feels like you and no one will feel special the way the recipient will when you send them your truly, uniquely personal greeting card. We have provided the tools – the rest is up to you.
Professional You can enhance your relationships with your family, friends, colleagues, clients & customers using our address book function, which allows you to send personal to multiple recipients and schedule the print date as you wish.
Writers - Our community of writers is drawn from around the world to share with you their vision of the way lifecycle events and religious celebrations are experienced in different cultures.
Printers - Our socially responsible printers are located on three continents ensuring your card is of the highest quality and arrives as quickly as possible.
Team - We are a family of travellers. We live all over the world. We hope you enjoy the show...
Vision We are inspired to build a socially, ethically and environmentally friendly organisation that supports individuals and communities to strengthen relationships and the will to communicate. Mango Salute Greeting Cards are original, tangible, personal and show you care: because relationships are nurtured by interpersonal communications.
Diversity We believe in celebrating the elements that make us unique; culture, orientation, struggles, accomplishments, loves and losses. These differences make us special, and help us connect. Our eclectic community strives to be diverse and represent native voices, artworks and a space for genuine communication.
Personalisation It's your card, your message, pictures, and creative inspiration. You can even record a video greeting with your beautifully printed card. It's easy, fun and effective to reach out - just follow the process. Send a card to one or a thousand friends.
Social Responsibility The environment matters - so Mango Salute Cards are printed on demand. We print on board sourced from sustainable forests (FSC) and as close to the recipient as possible to minimize waste and our environmental impact.