About Us

Our Vision: 

We are a collective of artists, writers, printers and techies from around the world aiming to transform the common cold greeting card into the warm embrace of meaningful message. We are about the Art of Greeting – going beyond the token nod or handshake to communication which is an art.

Our goal at Mango Salute, is to provide you with the simple tools and inspiration to create personal meaningful messages.

While reaching out to family and friends has never been easier, it is increasingly difficult to break through the noise. And once received, our messages are lost amongst all the others and their meanings trivialised. So we wanted to create a material message that would cut through the noise and be invested with meaning. Be we wanted this to be both of the virtual world in which we operate and the physical world we occupy. In todays digital age, to be able to touch and hold that piece of what will become a cherished memory is paramount.

We are inspired to build a socially, ethically and environmentally friendly organisation that supports individuals and communities whilst adding value to peoples lives. Mango Salute has been developed with a growing vision to:

– Make a difference.

– Encourage respect between individuals and cultures.

– Offer simple tools to allow people to reach out to those they care about with messages invested with meaning.

– Build on interpersonal skills to enhance a sense of personal well-being and self-respect.

Why we believe Mango Salute Greeting Cards are good for your relationships:

Art – The first thing is what Keats said – “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”. Mango Salute Cards are specifically designed by our (growing) team of artists from around the world. Not just your run of the mill card designs – something to sustain the recipient. Art has been a a part of specialty messages for thousands of years, and is so often lacking in modern communications.

Personalising the Message – Every Mango Salute greeting card contains a secret weapon – YOU. That’s right. These are not greeting cards from the local supermarket. Personalise your card by editing our art, uploading or creating your own, adding photos, your own message or be inspired by our message bank. This allows you to say much more than “happy birthday”, for example, on a birthday card.

Digital Message – You can record a message on your Webcam on the spot, upload a video from your computer or select your favourite Youtube clip of, for example, that special song (or you can sing it to the webcam). This makes use of modern technology to take you to the physical location of the recipient of your message in a very personal way.

Quality – Every Mango Salute greeting card is designed to make the recipient’s day a Red Letter Day – the card arrives in the post in a personalised trademark red envelope. Your meaningful message becomes a keepsake, that can be read and reread. As such, it is the experience of the recipient that is key. Your Mango Salute Card is printed on thick board using the latest technology in digital printing and sent in a beautiful red envelope with a stamp (where-ever possible) affixed. We take a leaf out the Japanese experience of packaging, which has been proved to enhance the experience of the gift of the greeting card.

Send 1 Mango Salute card or many – now or in the future – Sometimes you have time in advance of the occasion, but don’t want to send it until the special date. We can do that for you – making the process fit in with your busy timetable. We also have a mail merge facility – which allows you to send or prepare in advance many cards at a time – so you can send a one off card to that one special person OR you can more quickly prepare a card to send, for example, to each of your hundreds of cousins (if your family is as big as ours) letting them know all the news, and allow us to put the correct name in each card which we will send in time for Christmas.

Global – We live in a global village with our friends and family scattered around the world. But sending a card from, for example, Australia to the UK is usually expensive, takes weeks to arrives, if it does so at all, and leaves an unnecessary global footprint. With printers on 3 continents, Mango Salute Cards can be sent anywhere in the world to anywhere else, printing as close as possible to the recipient to deliver your card as quickly as possible whilst cutting out that environmental cost.

Environment – While thinking about the environment – and we want to leave a livable world for our children and grandchildren so this is important, Mango Salute Cards are printed on demand so there is no waste. The board we use is sourced from sustainable forests (FSC) and our printers are carefully selected for their approach to minimising environmental impact.

Giving Back – We want to leave a positive mark on this world. As such we are committed to supporting sustainable development projects with 10% of all profit. This means that there can be a ‘good feel’ for you, knowing that every time you send a card, you are not just putting a smile on some ones face, but also helping us make a difference.

Who Are We & Where Do We Come From?

Mango Salute began in Melbourne, Australia. That’s getting close to the bottom of the earth.

Ariel had recently returned home from volunteering with an NGO in Peru, teaching English and helping with public health and nutrition. His sister, Shoshi had been writing a play and doing the lighting for a production, while supposedly studying anthropology. Their mother, had just finished a book on human rights law and the rights of people with disabilities. Brainstorming the idea of establishing a business about communicating across time & space, that could find a way of contributing to the world and could try to increase the sum total of human respect, and that used modern technology (without leaving a big carbon footprint), led to the birth of Mango Salute.

We are a family of travellers. Everywhere we go adds a little piece of culture to our souls, and each new piece changes us just a little. Ariel, in particular, has travelled widely and of all his experiences, the trip to Burma affected him most. For Shoshi, exploring religions and culture has been a main focus, and attending the World Parliament of Religions was truly an eye opener. Melinda’s journey working with human rights NGO’s and meeting people with disabilities from many cultures has been key.

In exchange for the experience, we try to give a little of ourselves back to each community we visit. Sometimes just a smile or a kind word but in other places, building a vegetable garden or bringing pencils for the kids. Whatever we give we always feel we should do more, and Mango Salute  was build with this in mind.

The tagline to go with Mango Salute changed over time, but each is still relevant to who we are. We started with “Cards with Purpose”, then “Drawing People Together”. The “Art of Greeting” though, is essential. It is about art, but also about communication; using art art as means to enhance our relationships through personalised greeting cards.

Mango Salute’s Larger Family

As the idea of Mango Salute took hold and grew, so did the number of people. Today we are quite a big team. Our Chief Technical Officer, Leslie Shroot, is another family member. Ali Heffetz is our Director of Art, having replaced Poppy Green & Kat Separa whose contribution was invaluable. Jeff Mandell is our US Manager; Beata Mania & Mateusz Lakomski are establishing our Polish operation. Bill Sebald & Keith Urban from Greenlane Search Marketing play a key strategic and tactical role within our marketing team.

We have writers, artists, techies & operations people from many countries. Because artists have such a special place in our organisation, they have pride of place (via the top bar) and you can meet them here. Please also visit Meet the Team to say hi to our operating team and writers.

Our printers are presently in Australia (Mylestones), England (DP Direct) and the United States (Highlight) – all of whom are extraordinary and much more than just printers.

At present the members of the Mango Salute team come from places remote and diverse as:

Australia / Brazil / Canada / Colombia / England / Georgia / Germany / India / Israel / Jamaica / Japan / Mexico / New Zealand / Nigeria / Norway / Pakistan / Philippines / Poland / Russia /South Africa / Spain / United Kingdom / United States

What’s this about a Mango?

For those of you who live in Australia, you will appreciate how exciting the start of mango season is for us. In our house, it was always my mother who turned up with the first mangos of the season. Two rounded shapes, blushing like the sunset, would be pulled out of the bag. No one yelled, or announced it, and yet every time they appeared in the kitchen, people emerged from all over the house.  Each of us bargaining for the bit of flesh we wanted: the rounded pip, the slices or the crocodile made of the inverted sides.

Most families are filled with squabbles and upsets, and we were just the same. With five kids, two working parents and the ever-present house guests we often had to create alliances against our foes.

And yet when the mangos came, there wasn’t any malice. The sweet scent, and the flesh that melted in our mouths, made us for five minutes the most wonderful siblings on the planet. Chatter was loud; teasing was followed by laughter. Sticky fingers, dripping cheerful faces… if this was all there was to life!

When putting Mango Salute together we tried to bring it all back to that easy going taste of bliss, good company and full stomachs; where grudges were forgotten and we were safe.

We are not perfect, mistakes have and will be made, but as people, we aspire to be how we were in that kitchen. As a company we strive to offer the means for you to have those moments. So we salute the mango!

And to you, dear reader, we wish you many mango moments and a wonderful day.

Ariel, Shoshi, Melinda and the Mango Salute Team