Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Mango Salute?

Mango Salute is a collective of artists, writers, printers and techies from around the world aiming to transform the common cold greeting card into a message with a meaning. We are about the Art of Greeting – going beyond the token nod or handshake to the warm embrace of meaningful messages. We are also a social enterprise – 10% of profits are dedicated to grass roots projects around the globe.

Where are we based?

Mango Salute is a company incorporated in Melbourne, Australia [Mango Salute Pty Ltd ACN 153 026 389]. Our postal address is PO Box 711, Elsternwick, Victoria, 3186, Australia. However, Mango Salute is truly a global company and our team includes people from over 25 countries. Even our executive team is spread across the globe: currently in Georgia (ex USSR), Berlin, London, Minnesota and Melbourne, Australia.

What makes Mango Salute Cards different?

Every Mango Salute card combines 4 unique elements AND a secret weapon:

  • Art – the best around
  • Personalization of the Printed Art by editing our art, uploading or creating your own
  • Personal messages – be inspired by our Message bank and numerous stories about how to make this a meaningful message
  • Digital message – you can record your message on the spot, or upload from your computer or from around the web.

The secret weapon is: YOU. That’s right. These are not greeting cards from the local supermarket printed with glib messages or purple prose!!! YOU are the superhero of the story because what you send are MESSAGES of the HEART – messages from your heart.

Every Mango Salute card is printed at the highest quality, with the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Every Mango Salute card makes the recipient’s day a Red Letter Day – the card arrives in the post in a personalised trademark red envelope. Your meaningful message becomes a keepsake, that can be read and reread.

Where can I send Mango Salute Cards?

Mango Salute Cards can be sent from anywhere to pretty much anywhere – so long as there is a postal service that delivers mail. To minimise impact on the environment, cards are printed and sent closest to wherever the recipient lives. As we grow we will have printers located in many places around the globe, so that cards from afar are posted close at hand.

How much does a Mango Salute Card cost?

a)       What is included in the cost of a Mango Salute Card?

Mango Salute prices include the cost of printing, postage & handling and the tax required to be paid. The only exception to this is Minnesota USA where the law requires the tax to be additional to the price of the goods.

b)       What currency can I pay in?

Mango Salute cards can be paid for in:

  • Australian Dollars $AUD
  • Euros €EUR
  • Pounds Sterling £GBP
  • US Dollars $USD

c)        What is the cost of sending a card to a particular destination?

Please select a destination and a currency and our calculator will work out the cost of the card for you: pricing calculator

d)       Is it safe to transact with Mango Salute

Mango Salute uses PayPal as our trusted merchant provider.  The merchant facility is seamlessly integrated into our site so it never feels like you are leaving Mango Salute, but we do not save or have access to any of your payment details. PayPal handles all this. See also Mango Salute’s Privacy & Cookie Policy

e)        How can I pay?

Mango Salute offers you a range of payment options. We hope that you find one that suits you!

You can use a Credit Card. We accept: Visa Cards, Master Cards, Maestro Cards.

You can use your PayPal account to pay for Mango Salute Cards.

f)        Do I have to pay Sales tax, VAT, GST etc

Mango Salute prices include the cost of all taxes required to be paid and are based on destination. We are currently required to pay Value Added Tax (VAT) in the European Union (EU), Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Australia and Sales Tax in Minnesota (USA). The 7.775% Sales Tax in Minnesota is made up of MN State=6.875%, Hennepin County=0.15%, Minneapolis=0.5%, Transit Improvement Tax=0.25% .

How can I claim a discount on a Mango Salute Card?

If you have a discount code for a Mango Salute purchase this can be claimed at the checkout. The sales price will then be recalculated to take into account the discount. Please be aware that Discount Codes have expiry dates and that only valid codes will be recognised by the system. If you have any trouble with a discount code please contact us.

How are Mango Salute Cards printed and what board do they use?

Mango Salute Cards are printed at the highest quality. They are printed on the finest of paper and at the highest resolution. All our paper is sourced from sustainability managed forests (FSC) fixing the world

Where are Mango Salute Cards printed?

Many of us now live as global citizens with our friends and families scattered throughout the world. As a family Mango Salute exists very much in this form. Our goal is to provide a platform where it doesn’t matter where you are or where you would like to send a card it will get printed as locally (as close as possible to its destination). Mango Salute currently prints out of Australia, USA and UK with many new print locations planned. If you are a printer and would like to become part of the Mango Salute community – Read more

What size are Mango Salute Cards?

ango Salute cards are 128x188mm (when folded) or just about 5×7”

What do Mango Salute Cards look like when they arrive at my intended recipients address?

Mango Salute Cards will look like a work of your art, printed in the highest quality on sustainable forest board. They will arrive in Trademark Mango Salute red envelopes

When will my card arrive?

Our goal is to always print and deliver your card in the most efficient manner possible. In this we are constrained by local mail services. The general advice is that if a card is sent to the country where we have a printer, it will usually arrive within 1-2 days of it being printed. Otherwise you should allow up to 5 days, but often the delivery will be much faster.

Can I schedule my card to be printed & delivered at a later date?

If you are a member of Mango Salute then you can take advantage of one of Mango Salute’s special features – the ability to make a card well in advance of the date you wish it to be sent. You can then instruct the printing of the card to be in time for the occasion (don’t forget to allow delivery time when you future date a card). This means I can make all the family birthday cards in one sitting and have Mango salute send them in time for each person’s birthday (off my list and on to Mango Salute’s)

Can I track my order to see whether a card has been delivered?

If you are a member of Mango Salute you can track the process of your order via My Account -> My Orders.

What do I do if my card doesn’t arrive?

Please contact us if you are concerned about the delivery of a card. We will look into the matter for you. If the fault is at our end we will resend the card at not cost to you. Before you contact us please have your transaction ID (found in the email confirming your order) ready. Contact Us

How do I retrieve the digital message or video that is part of a Mango Salute Card?

The Digital Message or video can be retrieved by typing the URL printed on the back of the card into any web browsers (we recommend Chrome or Firefox) or by scanning the QR code with your smart phone – using a QR reader.

Do I need special equipment to view the digital message?

No – Mango Salute Videos can be viewed on all Android & IOS smartphones; Android & IOS tablets; PCs (we recommend latest version of Chrome or Firefox) and Macs (we recommend latest Chrome or Firefox)

What is with the funny envelope (watermark) that appears in the middle of images on Mango Salute?

The funny envelope and the words “Mango Salute” that appear on all card images is called a watermark. The watermark is designed to protect the artist intellectual property from thieves

Does the watermark appear on the final printed product?

No – all watermarks are removed from cards as part of the printing process

What do the up and  down arrows at the top of the screen mean?

These arrows allows you to choose between the “high resolution” and low “resolution” versions of Mango Salute. The low resolution allows user to load pages more quickly. The high resolution version allows users with very fast Internet connecting to view sharper and more vibrant thumbnail and preview images.

Does selecting high or low resolution effect the quality of the final printed product?

No – this just effects the quality of images you see in a gallery or preview pages. The underlying image used to print remains unchanged.

How do I view a full print resolution version of the card?

The full print resolution of the card can only be viewed within the card editor. Click of “Personalise” from the individual card preview page to launch the editor. This can take time as the full resolution versions of the card can be as much as 15MB (up to 3 minuets with slow broadband )

Why does it take so long when I click personalise or open the card editor?

The card editor requires a full resolution version of all the images on the card. This could be as much as 15MB  (up to 3 minuets on a slow connection)