You’ve Got a Friend – So be Sure to Tell Them T

Back in in 1971, James Taylor released Carole King’s song “You’ve Got a Friend” as a result of a little known act of friendship. Not long before, he and Carole were both playing at the Troubadour, in Los Angeles and James was blown over by Carole’s song. As Carole was better known as a songwriter than as a performer, James asked whether he could play and record the number. King agreed and the song became a standing feature of James Taylor’s repertoire. Unbeknownst to Taylor, Carole was about to record Tapestry – one of the greatest albums of all times, and You’ve Got a Friend was one of the songs to be included. So it was an amazing act of friendship to give Taylor permission to use and record this song.

Friends may be close at hand, or may be physically distant. Your friendship might run deep, even though you hardly seem to get together or even speak. Friendship is, of course, something different from the modern attribution of ‘friend’ to the 257 or 5,099 people you are linked to on Facebook. Friendship is a rare and valuable relationship, which needs nurturing – although we easily forget this.

So my challenge for the day

1. Listen to these versions of  “You’ve Got a Friend”. Try not to get all misty!

2. Decide to reconnect with that special person you can really call friend.


  • Do not message them on Facebook
  • Do NOT text or email (including sending an ecard)
  • Do not get a skywriter or put him or her on a pedestal.
  • Make the contact as personal and lasting as possible. That means putting pen to paper.
  • Better still – send a Mango Salute Card in the Mail

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